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I Had Some Trouble Coming Through Security

Of course I suppose that it may have had something to do with where I had been and what I looked like. Of course I had some things that I had gotten at the Amsterdam duty free shop at Schiphol Airport. I had some liquor and some candy, which they only allow so much of when you carry it back through. Obviously they are not going to be too easy on that sort of thing and I made a mistake. I simply forgot that I had bought the stuff and the guy who was checking my bag took that personally I think. They made me go back to this little room and they started to interrogate me for about half an hour. The only reason it was not longer was because they brought in one of their dogs and he did not tell them that I was carrying any drugs.

In fact I would not really get caught carrying drugs back through the airport. If I wanted to get that sort of stuff I am really sure that I could figure out how to find it in this country. That is obvious to me and the money that you make smuggling stuff is not going to be worth the risk of spending ten or twenty years in a prison. That is really dumb, but of course I was pretty aggravated at these people. I asked them if I could sue them, because I was mad and they claimed that I could not. Of course I probably knew that when you go through customs this is just all in the game, but they made me miss some important meetings and so I wanted to do something to get even with them for what they had done to inconvenience me that day.