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My Coworkers Proposal Using a Party Bus

My coworker James is looking for a really creative way to propose to his girlfriend. He wants to do something really creative that involves not only his friends but his family as well. I came up with a really great idea. I told him to go to http://platinumpartybusrentaltoronto.com and look at the different party buses that they have available. At first he didn’t quite know where I was going with that suggestion. Then, I explained to him that a party bus would be the perfect way to transport a large number of guests. The reason we would need to transport a large number of guests is because we were going to plan a flash mob.

He was really surprised. He had seen lots of flash mob videos online before, but he had not thought about doing it for his own proposal. I told him it would be simple. The most difficult thing would be keeping the secret from his girlfriend. We would coordinate everything with all of the participants online. We would have everyone meet us at the bus station the day of the proposal. Everyone would get on the party bus, which would drive us to the proposal location. Having everyone on the bus together would ensure that no one is late and everyone is on time. Plus, since were thinking about such a remote location, it would ensure that no one would get lost.

His girlfriend would need to be driven there by one of her friends. All of the participants would get into place, awaiting her arrival. Once she arrived, we would spring into action. James would propose to her at the very end, and then they would be officially engaged. Just the top things off, we would rent a limo from the same company, and James and his fiancée would be taken to a beautiful dinner in the city. I’m really excited about this idea. I should start planning.

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