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Things You Should Bring For Your Trip In The Texas Hill Country

Putting together the ultimate river tubing trip in the Texas Hill Country should be a blast. With so much of our lives being surrounded by the hard concrete jungle of today’s major cities, being able to take a soothing trip down the river is a great way to recharge the batteries.

However, before you get out into the wild, it is important to think about what you will need to pack for your trip. You can’t take everything you want or need. Otherwise, you would be weighed down by all of the extra stuff. You can, however, take the right things with you to make sure you have a solid trip that keep the fun at the forefront. Here are five items that must be on your packing list as you get set to tubing in the Texas hill country:

1. Sunscreen – Sunlight causes serious damage to your skin if it’s not protected. For a few dollars, having a good sunscreen and reapplying during your tubing trip is a simple matter that pays for itself in terms of peace of mind. Don’t be caught in the grandeur of Garner State Park in Concan, TX with nothing protecting you.

2. Mosquito Spray –

Things You Should Know About a Cusco Peru Tour

Cusco or Qosco means “navel of the world” according to the legendary Incans who ruled this place. Before you head to Cusco to visit the fabled Machu Picchu and trek off along meandering paths there are some things you should know.

Cusco is located at a height of about 3399 meters. The atmosphere will be rarefied and it is best to arrive here and acclimatize yourself for at least a day or two. It goes without saying that if you plan to trek you must be physically fit.

Once you arrive at Cusco find out a nice and neat local Hopedale. These are usually family run and are quite affordable.

If you can, go off on your own and explore the Inca Trail and dozens of other options for trekking such as the Jungle Trek, the Sacred Valley trek (it takes all of one day) and the Santa Theresa trek or the Ausangate and Choquequirao trek. However, if you are here for a short stay then it is wise to join guided local tours in Cusco Peru offered by a local tour company. Make sure you buy the tourist ticket costing $ 45 valid for 5 days and it will give you entry


Try Something Different On Sabine River

Have you ever drove through a town, one you’ve been driving through for most of your life and felt like you were someplace else? Did it seem somewhat different for some reason or another? Maybe they’ve added a new store or shut down an existing one. Recently, the old bridge in town has been torn down and a new one has replaced it, along with a new highway and route in and out of town; that’s exactly how I felt on several occasions driving through town lately. Construction is still under way and before long, we’ll have two bridges, one East bound and the other West bound. Strange as it seems it’s the same town with the same handful of shops and people in it. Nothing much has changed except the new bridge and reroute through town.

The town of Logansport is a small with 1500 plus people if that. Here, there is a beautiful public library, a doctor’s office, a couple of dollar stores, a school, a drug store and a handful of shops, a truck stop, car dealership, and several restaurants. What makes Logansport so unique is that it sits on the riverbank of the Sabine River, better


Common Mistake During on Airport

With airlines charging more for airfare, a lot of travelers are taking transit flights to save on their travel. This means longer stays at the airport. For frequent flyers, this would mean airport probably sounding like their second home. Not everyone enjoys the airport stay. The endless waiting hours and formalities often make us go crazy. But it is also because of the countless mistakes we end up making at the airport that really affects the quality of our stay. It doesn’t have to be that miserable. All you need are these few helpful tips that would help you survive your airport stay.

1. Befriend Technology

Technology is there for the right reason and it’s in your best of interest if you befriend it. A lot of people who are not tech savvy suffer a lot when it comes to travel. You need to know the airport inside out. The flight schedule might not be the same as the time of the booking and there might be changes last minute. You don’t have to be frantic about it. The mobile app in your phone can do a great job by sending you the alerts you need to plan your trip right.